Join my September challenge!

I am starting a new challenge this coming Monday, September 24th! So recruit a friend, husband or family member and jump in! I will be there every step of the way, I want you to succeed! My challenges are a fun way to commit and learn to be healthy in a realistic and simple way….

Life lately… and why I love saving money!

Life lately told through my instagram/camera roll. Life has calmed down the last few months and feels a lot more stable.  My husband and I set off on an entrepreneurial track almost a year ago so our financial/housing situation has been crazy.  We have lived with my parents, then my brother’s house, and now we…

Arm Workout with only 10lb weights

The only equipment I have for my at home workouts is a pair of 10 LB weights.  There is so much that you can do with these!  Rule of thumb:  if you feel like the weight is light for the exercise do more reps… if the weight feels heavy for the exercise, do less reps….