Tone up challenge 2021

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Prize money is $5,000 for the winning inner/outer transformation. starting 1/11/20

The tone up challenge is SO much more than a meal plan and workout guide... because that doesn’t work.

You have to learn the tools to train your MIND to lose the weight, access your power, and do it all with honor and JOY. 

8 weeks for MEGA inner and outer transformations

  • Guided Meal Plan Creation/New Meal Plan Protocol that will SHRED belly fat
  • Private Accountability Group 
  • Text message thread of at home or gym workouts with guided videos and PDF’s
  • WEEKLY LIVE mindset group coaching, and Q&A

All it takes is understanding the mental and emotional process of losing weight... let me show you and help you ACTUALLY get the results you have been looking for without restricting or heavily tracking.

I know what you are thinking:  It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t... it’s science! And we are working with a science doctor/professor and his research lab of students who study obesity and how to fight it. 

I have helped thousands of women lose weight and ignite their inner light and fire... so, why not YOU?

Are you DONE looking in the mirror and feeling pain? 

I got you... I can help! 

Let’s GO... 

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