Digital Simple Meals, Big Results Guide

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This is a Digital Meal plan. This product is an automatic download that will appear after purchase as a download on my site and then be sent in an email within a few hours. If you have an issue with the format or download shoot me an email: and I will take care of you!  

This recipe book is a great supplemental product to the 28-day meal plan.  If this is your first go around with me, I would start with my 28-day and use this guide when you want more meal ideas! 

 This is a guide full of simple meals and recipes that I love and use often. This will be your new go-to recipe book! It will explain how I incorporate veggies (my biggest weight loss secret), how to customize and my story- how I lost weight as a full-time Mom. These recipes are all easy to throw together and they're full of volume. You will be able to get results without wanting to pull your hair out.

This guide features recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. There are charts in the back for customization/planning, a printable calendar and a printable sheet that you can fill out to make grocery shopping easy. I have given you all of the needed tools in this guide and I am here to cheer you on! Let's do this... 

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